Ningbo YOU CAN machinery co., LTD., located in the port city of ningbo, zhejiang province, is a collection research and development, production, sales and services for the integration of science and technology enterprises, able to independently develop, design, manufacture all kinds of plastic injection moulding machine.


The company has the experienced specialized machinery for manufacturing personnel, pay attention to quality management, the establishment of a complete quality management system.From material purchasing, processing, production, assembly, molding to debug, meticulous cengcengbaguan.


YOU CAN company of plastic injection molding machine, injection molding machine with high rigid lock membrane structure, configuration of imported hydraulic and electrical components, using mixed bimetallic screw head.Compared with conventional injection molding machine, best can is the company's plastic injection moulding machine have more strict requirements, need according to the specific requirements of production, the material of the residence time of plasticizing, materials, injection molding precision, more accurate clamping accuracy and repeat precision balance.